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Propylene Glycol



Propylene glycol is used:

  • As a moisturizer in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste, mouth wash, and tobacco products
  • In electronic cigarettes to make the produced vapor better resemble cigarette smoke
  • As a medical and sexual lubricant (A.K.A. "personal lubricant")
  • As an emulsification agent in Angostura and orange bitters
  • As a solvent for food colors and flavorings
  • As a humectant food additive, labeled as E number E1520
  • As a carrier in fragrance oils
  • As a less-toxic antifreeze
  • As a solvent used in mixing photographic chemicals, such as film developers
  • In smoke machines to make artificial smoke for use in firefighters' training and theatrical productions
  • In hand sanitizers, antibacterial lotions, and saline solutions
  • In cryonics
  • As a working fluid in hydraulic presses
  • As a coolant in liquid cooling systems
  • To regulate humidity in a cigar humidor
  • As the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps, usually used to capture ground beetles
  • To treat livestock ketosis
  • As the main ingredient in deodorant sticks.

Propylene glycol has properties similar to those of ethylene glycol (MEG). The industrial norm is to replace ethylene glycol by propylene glycol.



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