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Germaben II Preservative

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Germaben II  

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Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Methylparaben (and) Propylparaben

Germaben II is a liquid preservative system with the following composition:


Germaben II is a clear viscous liquid with a characteristic mild odor. It is readily soluble at a level of 1.0% in both aqueous solutions and oil/water emulsions.

This product is a convenient, ready to-use complete antimicrobial preservative system with a broad spectrum of activity. The solubilized combination of Germall II with methylparaben and propylparaben is effective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and against yeast and mold.

Germaben II can be used without additional co-preservatives and is compatible with essentially all cosmetic ingredients, including surfactants and proteins.

Clear, viscous, broad spectrum liquid preservative system from ISP Laboratories. Easily incorporated into aqueous solutions, oil/water and water/oil emulsions – 25% or less oil phase. Compatible with most cosmetic ingredients and active over a wide pH range. This preservative is recommended for use in creams, lotions, ointments, cleansers, toners, liquid make-up, shampoos, conditioners and aerosolized products.

(Not Necessarily Specifications)
Color Pale to light yellow (APHA-100 max.)
Odor Characteristically mild
Appearance Clear viscous liquid
Nitrogen 5.8-6.4%
Specific Gravity 1.1731-1.1839
Total Solids 42.5-45.5%
Residue on Ignition 0.50% maximum

All the components of this product are permanently listed by the EU.

Germaben II is an ideal preservative system for shampoos, hair conditioners and emulsion products. It minimizes the problems associated with incorporating solid parabens. It dissolves completely in cosmetic formulations at a 1.0% concentration over a wide pH range.

It can be conveniently incorporated into hot or cold processed shampoos and into creams and lotions during their manufacture. The preferred method of addition of Germaben II is to add it slowly to the product with good stirring just prior to the addition of the fragrance. Germaben II has also been successfully used to preserve troublesome formulations containing nonionic surfactants, proteins, soluble collagen, aloe vera extracts and herbal extracts. The broad spectrum of antimicrobiaI activity obtained by the combination of Germall II with methylparaben and propylparaben provides the preservation protection necessary for sophisticated personal care products.

Germaben II is recommended to be used at a level of up to 1.0%. This level provides to the product: 0.30% Germall II, 0.11% methylparaben, 0.03% propylparaben and 0.56% propylene glycol. Shampoos and liquid soaps generally require less than 1.0% Germaben II. Although Germaben II provides excellent antimicrobial preservation, every developed or modified product should be challenge tested to assure preservative efficacy.

The toxicity of Germaben II is consistent with the expected average of its component parts. Propylene glycol is low in toxicity, but is known to cause minor eye and skin irritation. Methylparaben and propylparaben, alone or in combination, in concentrations >5.0% in propylene glycol are known to cause severe eye and skin irritation. The irritant effect of the Germall II in this mixture is insignificant.
Toxicity profile of Germaben II:
Acute oral toxicity LD50 (rats) >2000 mg/kg
Acute dermal toxicity LD50 (rabbits) >2000 mg/kg
Primary skin irritation (rabbits) Moderate skin irritant. (However, a 1.0% aqueous solution of Germaben II is not a skin irritant)
Eye irritation (rabbits) Severe eye irritant at full strength. (However, a 1.0% aqueous solution of Germaben II is not an eye irritant)



Available in small quantities. 16 oz. 32 oz. 64 oz. 1 gallon. Germaben II Preservative, antimicrobial. Great for preserving cosmetics containing aloe vera, green tea.







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